Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Anonymous said...

why so late with your picks

Jay Trotter said...

2012 P.A.I.H.L.







murph said...

i dont mind sending u money but could send the picks earlier at least by 11 it would be appreciated

Anonymous said...

Todays (1/13/
12) picks seem strange, at Aqu and OP it appears that all you did was pick or assign rankings from the bottom up in each race.

Unknown said...

Do we need to make a donation to stop your picks going dark??

Anonymous said...

left a donation ,did u see it
tulsa tc

Anonymous said...

I would like to see data sent for Santa Anita and Aqueduct. I know that the donations will increase. Most players in this part of the country don't play laurel or beulah, too small for any reasonable size win bet. Just something for you to consider. Thanks.

slappy mcslapnuts said...

Who order this?

slappy mcslapnuts said...

who order this?

Anonymous said...

Whobet where can i find preakness stakes stats just like the ones you had for kentucky derby
Thank You

Togacaps said...

Just found your brisnet aggregation. my friends and I have been using the brisnet pages, but had to search. your aggregation for each racing card has made our lives soo much easier. Just wanted to thank you for that. Also, your picks are the best I've seen. Thanks for everything. Donation coming!

Anonymous said...

This is a great site, went through all the comments.....people complaining seem to be the people that hardly ever donated.

Whobet, appreciate the time you put in to this, and used properly your picks are simply outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Loyal follower...enjoy your has been very helpful to me.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the picks for Belmont (9/8/2013)?

gman said...

Hi Whobet,

Just found your fantastic statistical analysis - been going through all your ratings.

Do you have a simple guide to explain what all the abbreviations mean - like NN-FACTOR, POWER, 8-factor, J+T SPCT>=100

Many thanks in advance,

gman said...

Hi whobet,

Just found your brilliant site.

Do you have a handy guide concerning the abbreviations i.e. NN-FACTOR, POWER, 8-FACTOR, J+T SPCT>=100

Many thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

It says you post up to 4 picks daily if $10 is donated where do you find those 4 picks

toetoe said...

short story about today's 7th at GGF:

Mandala is my favorite up-and-coming 4-y-o Cal.-bred, and I banged him in the Oakland Stakes today. He shat the bed at 23/1, but I loved Hollendorfer's Outside Nashville so much that I felt I was being disloyal to Mandala.

Upshot: $100 win on Mandala, just $20 win on Outside Nashville. I got middled {by a nose} out of an exacta that would turn a $120 loss into a small profit.,

Question: What's wrong with $100 win on each piglet ? I need to know.

Ed Bice said...

Hi Keep up the good work. I would like to ask you how you arrive at the Rank No.s. would you care to share how you calculate to get those numbers. 01/01.
Thank you Eddie B.

RakebackNews said...

Hya, will definetly be following your picks! I believe sportsbetting has even more potential for making cash than online poker has.

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